Cartridge and Bag Filters


Diamond Water Systems, Inc. provides cartridge filters and bag filters for many applications. Cartridge filters or bag filters may be the most economical methods of filtration. These filters may also be used as pre-filters for filtration systems, water softeners, or ion exchange units. Cartridge and bag filters may be provided as stand-alone units or as a part of a larger system. Isolation valves, by-pass lines, and gauges are recommended when utilizing cartridge filters and bag filters.

Bag and cartridge filters may be used in critical areas where absolute filtration levels are required. Additionally, these types of filters may be the solution where operational situations dictate the need for simplified filtration technologies, such as in Off Shore applications. Or it may be a matter of health and safety where specialized medical devices or eye wash stations need protection from contaminants. A variety of cartridge and bag filters are available to protect your assets.

As with our other products, DWSI only uses high quality components to ensure longevity and reliability. Cartridge housings and elements, as well as bag filter housings and bags, are available in several materials and configurations. Selection is based on several factors such as water quality, desired water quality, temperature, pressure, and the nature of the contaminants.