Swimming Pool Filters (SPF)

Commercial and municipal swimming pools need trouble-free and long-lasting filtration systems that virtually eliminate down time and maintenance troubles. Diamond Water Systems, Inc. understands this and offers high quality swimming pool filtration (SPF Series) systems that are engineered with the customer in mind.

Our advanced swimming pool filtration systems are custom designed and built to fit each individual application. Like with our industrial and commercial filtration systems, we take pride in our close relationship with the customer and our final product. DWSI has installed SPF Series systems at major universities, public and private schools, YMCA's, country clubs and municipalities.

Diamond’s National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) certified operators are readily available to assist operators in the maintenance of swimming pool circulation systems.

Our SPF Series Systems offer many advantages over the conventionol swimming pool filter system

  • Modular (multi-vessel) construction - Smaller vessels - Easier installation.
  • Fully automatic or manual operation.
  • A wide array of system components that will suit any and all of your needs.
  • Commercial-duty equipment and components to maintain the greatest long-term efficiency.
  • Smaller footprint than conventional systems.
  • Only the highest quality quartz filter media.
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Hydraulically balanced distribution systems
  • 15-20 GPM per Square Foot
  • NSF listed systems also available.

Decorative Fountain / Water Feature


The Decorative Fountain and Pool Filtration Systems (DPF Series) from Diamond Water Systems offer the greatest efficiencies for maintaining water quality in fountains and decorative pools. Our advanced technologies in several areas of water filtration provide the client with the means to create a healthy environment for both indoor and outdoor displays with the greatest of ease. Diamond’s DPF Series systems are designed with the operator and facility in mind. Built to last, the DPF Series systems use commercial-duty equipment and components to maintain the greatest long-term efficiency. System and component selection is based on the needs of the installation and the desires of the client.

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