Products & Applications

Diamond Water Systems offer a unique filtration system for any application.

Why filter your water?
The cleaner the water the more efficient and environmentally friendly the operation.

What is high efficiency filtration?
Filtration removes suspended solids from the system line and helps maintain a clean, bacteria- free environment, thus increasing system life and protecting the expensive investments of your company.

Quality Manufacturing
Since 1989, All equipment provided by Diamond Water Systems incorporates high quality components and superior craftsmanship to yield a rugged, reliable, and long-lasting product.

Why a Diamond Filtration System?

Cooling Water Filtration

  • Increase loop efficiency
  • Increase chemical treatment efficiency
  • Reduction in maintenance
  • Reduce erosive effects of suspended solids
  • Remove suspended solids down to 0.25 micron
  • Earn LEED’s credits for green building requirements


  • Increase fry production
  • Reduce mortality rate increasing overall production
  • Eliminate the need for costly cartridge filters
  • Removal of suspended solids down to nominal 0.5 micron

Process Water

  • Increase product quality
  • Reduce machine downtime

Waste Water

  • Reduce suspended solids discharge to below EPA standards
  • Recycle water for reuse
  • Earn LEED’s credits for green building requirements

Commercial Swimming Pool /
Water Feature Filtration

  • Removal of suspended solids to 5.0 micron.
  • Increase pool chemistry efficiency
  • Reduce backwash water usage
  • Rinse valve used on systems

Diamond Water produces the most advanced automatic backwashing sand filter systems available.