Preventative Maintenance Service

Diamond offers annual and multi-year contracts designed to eliminate your downtime. PM maintenance helps to eliminate costly emergency repairs down the road. Most industrial systems should be gone through on an annual basis to assure trouble-free operation.


Preventative Maintenance Includes

  • Valve Rebuilding
  • Media Top-Off to Complete Media Replacement
  • Mechanical Pump Seal Replacement
  • Replacement of Poly Tubing
  • Control & System Operational Check

Monthly, Quarterly Visits

  • Grease Bearings on Motor (When Applicable)
  • Change out Water Cartridge (When Applicable)
  • Check Media Levels
  • Check Backwash Flow Control
  • Clean out Pump Strainer (When Installed)

Annual or Multi- Year PM Contracts Available Including all of the Monthly and quarterly services, plus:

  • Inspect Entire System (Operational Check)
  • Rebuild Valves Diaphragm Kits (When Applicable)