Diamond Water Systems is a leading provider of water filtration systems for industrial, municipal, and commercial applications.

Cooling towers require tremendous volumes of air to promote evaporative cooling. Dirt, dust, pollen, bacteria, stack emissions, and other airborne particulate contaminate cooling water. Removing suspended solids from cooling water is the surest way to prevent fouling of heat transfer surfaces, thus decreasing excess blowdown rates.

Product Solutions

  • Individually engineered filtration systems (do not pay for unnecessary components)
  • Green technology (minimal backwash water required)
  • Quick return on investment (average 6-18 months)
  • Compact configuration (easy installation in tight equipment rooms)
  • Painted to match your existing equipment (standard non-painted 304 stainless steel tanks)
  • Quality manufacturing (over 30 years of distribution)
  • Durability (all industrial grade components)
  • No leak design
  • Low maintenance filtration
  • After the sale technical support
  • Full-service filtration company
  • Competitive pricing (Diamond will match any spec pricing)

Diamond filters are designed to limit microbiological growth, save energy, lengthen equipment life, and reduce maintenance through high-efficiency filtration. Whether 8 GPM or 4,000 GPM Diamond Water Systems has a solution for your filtration needs.

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