Having a proper filtration system in place for your cooling towers is one of, if not the most, essential elements for reducing bacteria and increasing efficiency. Cooling towers are responsible for taking in large volumes of air in order to perform evaporative cooling, and as a result, dirt, dust, pollen, bacteria, stack emissions, and other airborne particulates contaminate the water over time. In some extreme instances this buildup can block entire systems, often requiring shutdowns, expensive maintenance, repairs, or replacements. This makes your cooling tower filtration system an integral piece of equipment, as it can help ensure a long service life for your connecting components by working to remove these airborne contaminants.

If you are looking to invest in a cooling tower filtration system for your business, here are the six key features it should have.

  1. Proper Measurements and Sizing – A cooling water filtration system must be designed to provide suspended solids filtration by utilizing natural quartz silica sands down to nominal 0.5 micron.

    Through proper sizing a cooling water filtration system can remove at least 50% (by count) of the 0.5 micron particles, and at least 80% (by count) of the 2 micron and larger particles, typically found in a condenser water system, within 30 days of startup. Any filter installed should be sized based on a minimum side stream flow range of 3% of the cooling system circulation rate for optimum efficiency.
  1. Filter piping manifolds should include a factory-installed manual operated balancing valve on the filter outlet.

  2. Filter outlet should be equipped with a factory-installed check valve to prevent backflow through the filter system.

  3. Filter should be equipped with a factory-installed pump strainer to prevent suspended solids and debris from damaging the pump internals

  4. Filter should be equipped with a factory installed 316 stainless steel “V” notched lower distributor.

  5. Filter manufacturers should have OSHA Certified Trained Service Technicians available for any service needs.

The benefits of properly treating water with a cooling system

Properly treating water in a cooling system results in many benefits, including reduced energy use (stemming from greater efficiency in pumping and heat exchange), improved chemical performance, lower maintenance costs, and enhanced productivity. At Diamond Water Systems our individually engineered filtration systems work to reduce the volume of particles that collect in cooling systems. They are designed to limit microbiological growth, save energy, lengthen equipment life, and reduce maintenance through high-efficiency filtration, all without making you pay for unnecessary components.

Whether 8 GPM or 4,000 GPM, Diamond Water Systems has a solution for your filtration needs.
To learn more about your options for cooling tower filtration systems, review our products page or call us for a consultation.

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