Water filtration is no joke. The impurities and debris in water can cause serious health issues and building damages. Our expert systems are efficient and thorough in cleansing your water of these harsh chemicals and minerals, but our benefits go beyond the strength of your water. How else can our systems help your business?

Save Energy

Removing suspended solids from cooling water is the surest way to prevent fouling of heat transfer surfaces. Independent tests show high efficiency filtration provides dramatic energy savings.

Limit Microbiological Growth

Filter bacteria and their food supply from tower water limits microbiological growth. Improved microbiological control creates healthier environments, particularly with cooling towers located near building air intakes. Lower bacteria levels minimize the biofouling “glue” that holds energy wasting deposition to heat transfer surfaces.

Lengthen Equipment Life

Corrosion rates throughout the cooling system can be decreased markedly by maintaining clean water. Chemical inhibitors form a more complete protective film on clean metal surfaces, while under-deposit corrosion is minimized. Microbiologically influenced corrosion is much easier to control with clean cooling water.

Reduce Maintenance

Unscheduled downtime can be extremely costly. Maintaining clean recirculating water is not only sound preventive maintenance, it also reduces heat exchanger and tower sump cleaning costs. The large surface area of film fill improves tower efficiency, but demands high efficiency filtration to prevent suspended solids fouling.

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