A self-cleaning filter capitalizes on system pressure to clean itself. This type of filter is cost-effective, energy-efficient, and lower maintenance than most other strainer systems. The technology used to self-clean does not need to be changed out or shutdown. Self-cleaning filters protect pipes and various types of downstream equipment, removing particles in the 5,000-micron range and flow rates starting at 10 gallons per minute flowing from the water source.

Without proper filtration, scale builds up in pipes causing increased energy usage to pump system water. A reduction in orifice size increases the amount of energy required to pump the same volume of water. Pumping dirty water through a piping system also causes scale buildup, contaminant settlement, and clogged equipment. These factors contribute to inadequate pump performance and an increase in equipment breakdown.

To counter a buildup of debris, a self-cleaning filter implements a rigid cylinder screen to strain particles from the water source. Buildup causes pressure variables to initiate the opening of a flush valve, initiating a rapid flow that creates vacuum buildup, resulting in a purge of the particles.

The backwash cycle does not stop and reverse the system flow in a self-cleaning filter. The flow reverses across the screen near the suction nozzles allowing the cleaning mechanism to process the water without disrupting the main flow.

Self-cleaning technology time by reducing the need for routine maintenance and eliminating manual washes, spray downs, filter, cartridge, and bag replacements. It also makes daily, weekly and monthly shutdowns redundant with bi-annual or annual inspections being sufficient to adequately monitor equipment.

When continuous water flow is crucial, self-cleaning filters can be utilized in applications for equipment, nozzle, and membrane protection in municipal, industrial, and irrigation filtration systems.Diamond Water Systems is a leading provider of water filtration systems for industrial, municipal, and commercial applications. To learn more about our products and services, visit our products page or call us now to learn more about self-cleaning filters.

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