Most pool owners, both commercial and residential, understand they need to have a system in place to keep the water clean. No one wants to swim in a dirty pool, after all! But, not everyone is aware of the steps they need to take to keep their pool in pristine condition. Installing a pump and adding chlorine simply isn’t enough, particularly for larger commercial pools. They need to have a high-quality filtration system for the water to be sufficiently cleaned and ready for swimmers.

Without a proper filtration system, pool water becomes stagnant. Bacteria and other impurities start to multiply. Even if chemicals are added to a pool, if the water is not getting properly circulated and filtered, the chemical treatments are not going to do much good. One great solution to ensure a pool’s water is cleaned is an automatic backwash sand filter system.

How Does an Automatic Backwash Sand Filter System Work?

1. Filtration

Water flows through the filter, which is generally comprised of natural quartz silica sands.

Both organic and inorganic suspended solids, such as dirt and sand particles, are retained. In fact, particles as small as 5 microns can be retained by the filter. Once the suspended solids have been collected, the cleaned water then reaches the filter outlet. The system can gauge the water’s pressure, and when the pressure reaches a certain value, the backwashing process is automatically triggered.

2. Backwashing

During the backwashing process, the water is flushed backward through the sand filter. This forces the suspended solids that have been retained by the filter to dislodge and flush out of the waste drain port. The backwashing ends when the water is clean and free of suspended solids.

3. Rinse Cycle

After the backwashing process is completed, the rinse cycle is engaged. This allows water to flow back through the sand filter, which serves to further clean the water by flushing any remaining suspended solids or dirt particles from the filter and pipes and out of the waste drain port. Not only does this ensure the water is thoroughly cleaned, but it also helps keep the sand filter free of contaminants and working properly.

What Are the Benefits of a High-Quality Filtration System?

When water is treated correctly it improves chemical efficiency, reduces energy use, and ultimately lowers maintenance costs. A great filtration system is vital for any business, and choosing the right system is key. Diamond Water Systems has the most advanced automatic backwashing sand filter systems available. We have been proudly serving clients in the US and Canada since 1989. Contact us today to see how we can help with all your commercial water filtration needs.

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